Messenger In A Soulless World

by Age of Dust

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In the origins of our reality, an ethereal and supreme being descended to a soulless world to supply the matter with the continuous and inmortal spirit that pervaded its ideal reality. That is the world human beings inhabit, along with all the creatures that surround them carrying within them a portion of the eternal spirit. When a living creature dies, its outworn soul, turned into dust, leaves the matter to return to the ideal reality thay is its origin, where it will regenerate and merge with the rest of the spirit, only to split again. This journey, this process of destruction and creation, does not take place in space or time, but in a certain point sustained in dimensions unknown to human beings. This instant is the Age of Dust.

Symphonic metal band from Barcelona, with its roots inspired by european symphonic metal bands such as Nightwish, Epica, Xandria and Stream of Passion among others.

Founded around mid 2010, the band features female vocals both in operistic and modern styles, male vocals with death growls, modern and lyrical style, powerful guitarsand meodic bass lines. Everything supported by intense choirs and and orquestration written by the members of the band.

After years of work, in 2014 it is decided to record a debut album in the Nowhere Music studios in Barcelona, with the engineer Marcel Graell. The album was mastered by Joost Van Der Broek at Sandlane Recording Facilities in the Netherlands. The brazillian artist Nathalie Suellen provided the artwork and the photoshoots took place at Virage Studio.

The album, ‘Messenger in a Soulless World’, is inspired by the different aspects of the sensations of the soul, from its creation to its acceptance of death and the presence in life of everything that implies a human being, from its darkest side from the one that prejects more light.

Welcome to the Age of Dust


released October 1, 2015

Age of Dust


all rights reserved



Age of Dust Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: If to Die is to Sleep...
If to die is to sleep
I long to sleep in peace in the night of my death,
without you coming to be my nightmare,
cursing me for having doomed you to nothingness
before having ever been born.

Go then to the world,
by which touch you were begotten,
and remain in it,
as the echoes they found of a soul
who roamed the Earth,
its joys and its sorrows,
its hopes and its fights.
Track Name: Genesis
Sleep me, my Lord.
Sleep all my senses,
for I am lost in this darkness that’s chasing me.

Come, close my eyes,
My dreams are empty.
Make me believe in that light you’d be.

Born from a rib, yours is this garden of light.
Cherubs are singing my name.
Don’t you betray my will, hide from my ire.
Rivers and seas, they all belong to my reign.
Made of my image and likeness but you’re not me.
Mine is the moon and the sun.
Don’t dare to take the fruit of the holy tree.
One day they’ll call me grandmother
of everyone.

Multiplicabo aerumnas tuas, et conceptus
tuos: in dolore paries, filios et sub viri potestate
eris, et ipse dominabitur tui.

Here’s your damnation for not obeying me.
I have been fooled by that beast.
Eternal wisdom of yours will never be.
Sleep me or save me for this I cannot resist.
Millenniums will last your suffering.
Condemned for eternity.
Forever drown in your temptation, your sin.
Rests on my shoulders the pain
of humanity.

Forgive my sins
my sons and daughters,
for it’s my sorrow you hear when the death bell tolls.
Merciless curse,
I’m the unforgiven,
I’m guilty of all our tormented souls.
Track Name: Desires
Thunder lightings
fade out from horizon.
Hailstones crumble,
Winds abate the
storm clouds in a wishper.
Light finds its way
through penumbra.

Mild breeze reigns in
the blue skies, once restless.
Tides receding,
flat sea.
Crystal clear the
waters mirror my face.
I've found calmness,
my desire.

Winds could always erode the rocks
and the shiniest day
become the stormiest.

Even the most robust rampart
moistens when it rains,
its foundations get weaker
and faint.

The best roses can be sorrounded by poisoned thorns
or razor-edge bramble.
And the apple that looks the juicest
could always be
sour and rotten inside
Track Name: Nichts
Ich kann meinen Blick nicht von dir wenden
Kann ihre Stimme nicht hören.
Ich folge dir hinein in den Nebel,
In den Nebel der Nacht.

Es gibt keine Liebe,
Liebe ganz ohne Strafen.
Strafen ohne Schmerzen,
Schmerzen, der Tod wird folgen.

Meine Bestimmung besticht nicht
Ohne Licht, ganz ohne Weg.
Meine Bestimmung war es
Zu sterben
Zu sterben
Track Name: Moon for a Poet
My sanity longs to
rest forever in peace.
Bless this tormented creations of mine,
armies of ghosts come for me.

Dress the extravagant descendants
of my fantasy.
Play the weak strings that remain in the harp,
be my misery.

Dreams and nightmares dance with insomnia,
let my misfortune become gold.

Brought to Earth by your curse.
Doomed to never achieve your magic.
Ghosts of light and fog are you there
For me?

When I'm gone who will cry?
where oblivion dwells my grave will be.
Will love glory and freedom then come
to me?

I made my home of the night,
ink is my only light,
to a phantom I pray:

"Sing this legend my past,
while this poetry lasts I won't fade,
carry my way."

Skeletons hearing my tales,
human coldness remains,
is that pale light the cure
to this inner war?

Cast your spell my score.
Track Name: Someday
We are the light
that reflect those days.
A lot of nights,
my dreams have been screams.

When you’re not here
my soul's falling down.
Black blood tears
fill my little heart.

I am alone
when the darkness' born.
The shadows run around me
and the rain draws me.

I pray to the Lord
asking for a second chance
to someday...

When the days end
past time marks my face, a
hoping that you will be
my secret side.

I feel your breath
Everytime I go to sleep.
Anxiety, please don’t accompany me.

Will see you again,
you don't forget.
Track Name: Queen Of Chaos
While you sleep,
in my dreams,
when you rest
in the depths,
you can’t scape,
you’ll be caught
between my claws.

You can’t wake up anymore
'cause you’re breathing no more.
I’ll crush your little heart,
I’ll eat all your hopes.

I’ll chase you,
I’ll catch you,
You can’t avoid me.
I’ll find you,
I’ll strangle,
and I’ll drink your blood,

I am the queen of chaos,
the mistress of despair,
the lady of your dreams,
the judge of your destiny.

You’ll suffer
the eternal pain
of my nails
tearing your skin.
You’ll become
the slave girl
of my pleasures.
Track Name: Trial
When it is cloudy out there
I walk trough the dark all the night.

My eyes sting blinded by fog,
thorns tear my throat.
It is my sign.

My whole body ,
dirty and tired.
Wandering lost.
It's the end, cannot stand.
I must resist
My feet bleed, my nails rip.
Up to the light,
you can’t reach.

You can only move.
Don’t look back
You must get to the end.
Get up.

Hundreds of sharp rocks
block the only gold
I aim to reach.
Time takes over me,
I don’t see the horizon,
we will be one.

My breath is fading,
and you cannot stand up.
My legs are shaking ,
dirty and sore.
I’ll get in the end
laughter, insanity.
Our hands are together,
you will die before.
Track Name: Angel Dust
Songs of smoke, traces of halo
guide my sense through vacuum.
Phantom candles from past times
still lighting my gloom.

Of the vast realm of oblivion,
the gates will be kept shut.
For Damnatio Memoriae's not
our angels' doom.

Whose are those words
carried by the wind?
Are these raindrops a sign
from beyond?
Or do you still
linger by my side?
Will that ever be enough?
All that's left...

When the angel dies,
when the angel cries
tears made of steam,
all my universe's ice.

When the angel dies,
my mornings dim.
What remains' angel dust.

In eternal dusk, we wander
till the final nightfall
comes to take and spread our ashes,
or fade them all.

Everlasting legacies of
those who once our voids filled,
always near to wash the fear
when our hearts have chilled.

Been left alone,
my senses awake,
powder's the legacy
left to take.

Closing my eyes,
no shadows I see,
there is only one light
made of dust.
Track Name: No Shade of Grey
And then my senses seem collapsed.
My eyes slightly start to spin.
My ears can’t hear, my mouth can’t say a word.
And suddenly the voice within:

Come here. Don’t fear.
Come here. Take my hand. Don’t try to go away.
Come here, my dear.
Come here. I am sorry but can’t let you stay.
Come here. Come clear.
Come here. I wish I could give you one more day.
Come here. It’s real.
Come here. Game is over. There’s no time to pray.

Wait, Lord, mercy me, let me free.

Say farewell, my friend, leave your things behind.
You're about to be one more harvest.

Why, me? May someone will grieve for me?

Doesn’t mean a thing,
doesn’t make me glad.
This is just because
you are the last in line.

Come mother.
Come sister.
Come daughter.
Come lover.

My destiny now seems so clear.
Nothing to say, nothing to do.
Before I go won’t you please tell me
how does it feel being in your shoes?

Just forget what you have learnt.
Don’t think there’s right or wrong,
no heaven and no hell.
I have always been alone.
All of you have met,
none of you have known.

Where do you come from?
Where are you going to?
How I wish I knew the answer!
This is what I will always do.
Till Judgement Day and day after.
I wanna get away. I wanna get away .
Wanna have my dreams and nightmares.
I’m the messenger in a soulless world.
No shade of grey
Track Name: Slaughter of Insane (The Fall)
The crevasses are reflected in my veins.
My dishonorable end is coming closer.
The dementia on these walls drills all my sense.
Thoughts of rage burn my tormented head, it’s over.

Slaughter of insane.
It’s my fall.
When the mist drowned my eyes deep into sin.
Slaughter of insane.
It’s my fall.
My darkest hour came to burn my open wings.

All the chosen ones are coming back to life.
As the days go by I’m becoming a haggard.
Dazing lights in the depth cause my inner strife.
My fear of the threshold tears my freedom apart.

Thou might tell insane from right,
thou'll condemn the paths of fright.
To loathe the contrite thou'll learn,
the upright side of bright to yearn.

Thou shall be the damned who asures
it's their shame thy shade obscures.
Thy dementia anxiously feed
for fair's sake
and fairly bleed.

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